Let’s Bring Birthdays Back!

Hello Friends,

Do you miss getting birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s, etc. cards in the mail? I know I do! So, I’ve decided to join Shannon West, one of Stampin’ Up’s Training Managers, in her Bringing Back Birthdays Campaign.Occasions16_p03

Here is an excerpt from her post:

By Shannon West, Demonstrator Training Manager

“It started one Saturday in January. I was kicking myself for not sending out my Christmas cards, but I also noticed that many friends had simply posted their Christmas cards on Facebook rather than sending them in the mail. For years I’ve complained about Facebook ruining birthday cards and now it would seem the same was happening to Christmas cards. A handmade, handwritten card in the mailbox seemed to be nearly extinct—and I was contributing to the problem! I wanted to do something drastic and immediate to stop this neglect and hold myself accountable.

So that Saturday in January, I made a decision: I posted on Facebook that I would send a birthday card to any of my friends that wanted one. I didn’t think about the possibilities or consequences…I just posted and was astonished when the responses started rolling in.

After 24 hours, I had over 300 responses…far more than I had ever received on a previous post. I started a spreadsheet to keep track and went to work making and sending birthday cards. 

Two days later, I posted a photo of my first set of cards that I was sending. At this point, my posts started to be shared and others started posting that they were also sending cards to their friends. These results were an absolute surprise!”

It sounds so exciting to me and I can’t wait to get started.  So, if you would like to receive a handmade birthday card from me on your birthday, please send your name and mailing address to me at: terry@classycutupscreations.com.   If you’re not sending out cards to family and friends, feel free to jump on the bandwagon. Let’s get this party started!


Have a wonderful day! Terry
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  1. Flo says:

    Love this idea!

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