A New Scallop Dots Ribbon Share

I’ve been asked to start another ribbon share with the Scallop Polka Dot Ribbon from Stampin’ Up!

Maybe some of you have never heard of a ribbon share, so let me explain it in case you want to get in on one of these fabulous deals.  I buy all the ribbon and then divide it up into smaller lengths…this allows YOU to purchase one of every color for a lot LESS.

Here’s a sample of the Scallop Dots Ribbon and what the Ribbon Shares will look like when you receive them:

1. 1/2″ Scallop Dots Ribbon – you’ll get 2 yards of 10 colors for $19.00 (+ $2 S&H, if shipped) – if you ordered each roll separately, it would cost you $91.82 with S&H and tax.



If you would like to be a part of this ribbon share, please call or email me at tduncan088@gmail.com and I will send you a Paypal Invoice.

Thanks for stopping by and have a super day!  Terry

Have a wonderful day! Terry
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